Let’s Ask the Professionals

To expand yesterday’s post, we also discussed finding other sources to help you with artwork. Professional sources that are artists and graphic designers. The site we utilized allowed me to decide if the colors and styles of artwork I wanted. The colors and styles were decided according to specifications made by the journal at which I plan to submit my manuscript. It was an interesting process. I provided the company with some information about what I wanted, gave them the version I made and now they will take what I have made and make improvements that would be appropriate for a professional paper. I am eager to hear what it would cost.


Picture This

Yesterday in class we discussed adding pictures to our manuscripts. In terms of discussing Tamiflu in pregnancy, the most logical place to add a picture would be with describing the mechanism of action. Normally this would not be a problem except I am not well versed on how to make artwork on my computer, at least not artwork that was made by anyone other than a 2-year-old. As an example of my work…Tamiflu mechanism of action. This depiction was intended to compare what happens in a cell without the use of Tamiflu and one that shows what happens with the use of Tamiflu. On the left side, the virus is able to attach to the host cell and be taken in by the host cell. Here, the virus will be able to utilize the cell’s machinery to replicate itself. Eventually the virus will cause the host cell to lyse and the virus will spread to other cells. On the right side, Tamiflu is able to prevent the virus from binding to the host cell and preventing the virus from being able to spread. It is simple but almost too simple. I think I will stay in pharmacy school and stay away from art school.

Wake Up and Write

I feel like I have been working to finalize my manuscript the entire time I have been writing it. One of the things I have learned along the way is that your first draft is not always your best draft. This is something that may have done me well to learn when I was a lot younger. It may have saved me a lot of headaches along the way. I am currently working on revising my fourth draft. I feel like my writing is getting better but it is hard to say when I get done revising another draft and I have pages full of revisions to make. I guess only time will tell if my writing has improved.


The next two days will be filled with me making finalizations on my manuscript. We will be turning in the final product for peer review this week and I am trying to make as many adjustments as are needed before I have to turn it in. The conclusion and the abstract are all I have left. I am hoping it will be easier to write now that I am finished with the other parts of my review. It appears that it will be a lot easier now that I have all of the paper laid out.

Getting There

The quarter is winding down and it is the last three weeks of our didactic career. As much as it is exciting, it is also scary. Much like this class, there are a lot of unknowns in our future. I am really excited to see where life takes me in the next 10 years. There are a few things that I hope for myself in the future.

1) I know I am passionate about my career in pharmacy but I hope I maintain the excitement of learning with pharmacy

2) I hope I am still trying new things everyday

3) I hope I am still having fun everyday

It will not be perfect everyday and there will be many times that I will be frustrated but I look forward to what the future has for me and all my classmates.

It’s That Season Again

With flu season just around the corner, that means flu shots! For women that are pregnant, the flu shot can be an important prevention method. Since pregnant women are more prone to the flu, it can help to prevent the need for Tamiflu in the future and any of the risks that could follow with Tamiflu use.

With the new shots for 2015-2016 being released, it is time to see your local pharmacist for a flue shot.