Picture This

Yesterday in class we discussed adding pictures to our manuscripts. In terms of discussing Tamiflu in pregnancy, the most logical place to add a picture would be with describing the mechanism of action. Normally this would not be a problem except I am not well versed on how to make artwork on my computer, at least not artwork that was made by anyone other than a 2-year-old. As an example of my work…Tamiflu mechanism of action. This depiction was intended to compare what happens in a cell without the use of Tamiflu and one that shows what happens with the use of Tamiflu. On the left side, the virus is able to attach to the host cell and be taken in by the host cell. Here, the virus will be able to utilize the cell’s machinery to replicate itself. Eventually the virus will cause the host cell to lyse and the virus will spread to other cells. On the right side, Tamiflu is able to prevent the virus from binding to the host cell and preventing the virus from being able to spread. It is simple but almost too simple. I think I will stay in pharmacy school and stay away from art school.


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