And That One Time, In Pharmacy School

Today we received a project in class to write a piece for Time magazine. The minimum word count was 300 words and the max 1000. When all is said and done, this rounds out to be 1 to 3 pages long single spaced. I racked my brain for quite a while just to find a subject. I finally settled on writing about sleep deprivation and some of the over-the -counter products that you can take to help if you are unable to fall asleep. Then followed it by racking my brain some more to write 300 words. Even still, it is a scary thought to just write a paper to time magazine. It is even scarier to know that my name will be on that paper when I turn it in. There is no going back and it will forever be attached to me. It was a good reminder to always put your best foot forward.


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