When the Confidence Interval Crosses 1

As i was reviewing section 3 of my manuscript today, I made a startling discovery about all of the sources I am citing. The confidence interval comparing fetal outcomes to the general populations all crossed 1. In terms of statistical data, this means you have no discovered anything. To quote out professor of statistics, “When the confidence interval crosses 1, this means you are 100% sure of nothing”. It is beginning to become painfully clear why Tamiflu has reminded a pregnancy category C medication when I keep reading that the risks are not found to be statistically significant; it is because the not all of the statistics support the statement. The rate of babies that are born with malformations in the general population that have not had a known exposure to any influenza virus or any teratogenic medications compared to the rates of fetal malformations in those treated with Tamiflu are similar. However; in a study conducted by HJ Dustan et al., an odd ratio analysis was performed to assess the likelihood of these occurrences being related to the medication and the confidence interval crossed 1. Unfortunately, this does not provide me with evidence that will be statistically supported about the teratogenicity of the drug. It does not suggest that the drug will cause malformations and it also does not suggest the drug won’t cause malformations.

All information was found in Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists by HJ Dustan et al.


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