The Case of the Shyness

I am not sure if I should really call this post being shy or not being confident. Today I began the writing on my project and all I really had to do was write the abstract. It all seemed fine until I had to give an evaluation of my research. I drew a blank. It was not that I did not have things to write or that I did not know what to write, I just did not want to put the assessment into writing. I started to wonder if I had all the right sources or enough sources, if I had done a thorough enough of an assessment to really put it in writing. It should have been the easy part due to the fact that it was all objective information but it was almost as though I did not want to commit. I already have my objectives outline for myself and this should have been an easy process but it was not. Calling it “writer’s block” wouldn’t be appropriate either due to the fact that I had numerous thoughts on what I could say. I guess my learning curve this week will have to be finding my confidence with my words.


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